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One of the villages under Bepong in the Kwahu South Municipality in the Eastern Region, Ghana.

Cocoa and Coffee Farmers under Kwahu Bepong are calling for fairness.

The timber operators are destroying their properties such as Coffee, Cocoa, Food crops like Banana, plantain, Cassava, etc

The companies are Emmata Company Ltd (MCE of Kwahu South and EK KOO Ltd based at Kwahu Nteso)


Reporter Nana Danso Abeam

Get-fund Project Left To Rot

A get Fund project led by the Formal Minister of parliament of Kwaebibirem municipal Hon. Ohemeng Teyase has been left to rot. The project was started in the late month of 2020, the work started in a high construction speed during that year.

According to investigations, the project which was a three classroom block and a two office for the Abaam Roman Catholic school was to be completed before that same year ends but from that year up till this year 2022 nothing good has come out of the project. The most unbearable aspect is that, this building has reach the lengthen stage and has a gable. The only thing left is roofing, wiring and woodwork for the students to start class in them.

Now students in the JHS section have a poor construction classroom and an under tree staff room which makes class difficult and teaching work very tedious for teachers in this school. Even According to the head teacher, when it rains the pupil of the school can stay in the old building because of the nature of it. He then plead to the General Director of get Fund projects to come to their aid to help complete the project.

We asked about what the current MP has said and the actions he is taking to help solve the case but according to them the MP for the Kade constituency Hon. Alexander Agare has not even show up to say a word about the left to rot classroom building. We don’t even know if he his aware of the project.

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source Anaf fm.

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